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How to Make A Living as a Gigging Musician

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After searching all over the internet as to how to get some sort of job in the music industry, I have never really been able to find what I was looking for. All of the suggestions that I found were either about getting into recording, production, sound/lighting, instrument repair, working for large companies, or some other music-related fields that I was not necessarily interested in. None of those things really appealed to me though. Deep down, I just wanted to PLAY. I didn’t want a job in “the music field” if it didn’t involve actually playing. I wanted to PLAY LIVE MUSIC. Well, I am now doing that. In fact, I’m quite happy to say that I quit my day job as a mechanical engineer, and I am now a full time guitar player for an awesome band! I must say that it was probably the best decision that I’ve ever made in my entire life! I’ve decided to write several books as to how I made this drastic lifestyle change for myself. This one is about how to make “playing live music” become your part-time or full-time “job”….That’s if you even could call it a job!

Running an actual working band is a business. Yes, it is lots of fun playing in a band, but in order to take your band out of the practice room and build a name for yourself where you play multiple paying gigs per week, it takes some work. The work is not necessarily hard. Rather, it’s just about intelligently marketing your “product”. Your “product” in this case is your band (or yourself if you are a solo artist).

I’ve played in several bands throughout my life in search of the “perfect band” if you will. I knew that once I found the right band, than I would put all of my energy into taking them as far as I possibly could. I’m currently in what I would consider to be the perfect band for exactly what I’m looking for, and over the last 5 years my band mates and I have transformed what used to be just a fun side hobby, into an actual income-generating business. Finding “the perfect band” is what the first chapter is about.

We typically play 4 gigs per week, sometimes more. Never do we ever play any less then twice per week. Each gig yields us varying amounts of money. We make several thousand dollars every week (up to $4000, but never any less then $1000)! At the rate we are going, we fully intend to be making even more than that in the near future! I have always dreamed of being able to play guitar and consider it to be “my job”, and I am now living that dream.

This didn’t happen through luck. It happened through shear determination to succeed and the application of smart marketing and business strategies. I lay out exactly how we did it in the book. All of the steps can be reproduced by anyone, and you can do the same thing for your band.

In the book, I talk about everything involved in the business including finding the right group of people to play with, marketing strategies, building a following of fans, negotiation tactics, and many of the other important elements involved in running a successful band.

I can not guarantee you that your band will ever become as big as the Beatles. However, I can guarantee that if you follow the same business model, you can get your band to the point where you are earning several thousand dollars per week!

This is yet one of many ways to turn your passion into your means of making a living!

In .pdf format, this book is 64 pages long.  When you download this book, you will recieve a .zip file containing 3 different formats – a .pdf file, a .Mobi file, and a .EPUB file.  This will allow you to read the book on any electronic device.

This book will teach you the following:

– How to create the right “product” (your band and members)
– How to build a following of fans
– Tips on how to market your “product”
– Negotiating with clubs, bars, and other venues
– How to maintain ongoing relationships with venue managers
– Tips on “winning over” the staff
– Strategically playing venues in order to expand your playing radius without burning yourself out in just one area
– Aquiring steady weekly, monthly, and/or bimonthly gigs
– How to move your way up the “ranks” in the scene no matter what your starting point
– Expected pay rates

….and just about every other aspect of how the band business works.

If you follow the methodology of this book, you will have no other option but to succeed.  I did it, and so can anybody else!



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