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Creating a Job-Free Lifestyle

In order to create a life for myself in which my only actual “job” was to play live music, I needed to figure out how to earn a supplemental living to replace my full-time job.  It has always been my dream to become a self-employed musician.  However, I never thought that it was possible for me to do such a thing.  In fact, most people feel that they are incapable of leaving their current employment situation.  I personally believe that anyone can do exactly what I did if they would simply just go for it.  Those who actually take that chance will likely find themselves much happier, because they will have taken control over their lives and pursued their dreams.

After taking the leap to freedom, I realized that it’s not very difficult at all to earn a job-free living; I wrote a total of 6 books explaining in detail exactly how I do so.  I make a decent living playing live music, which is explained in How to Make a Living as a Gigging Musician, but unfortunately that alone doesn’t cover all of the bills.  I still have a mortgage to pay for and a plethora of other expenses that comes along with owning a home.  Playing in my band is certainly a good source of income for me, but in order to make enough money to really live comfortably as the self-employed musician that I’ve always wanted to be, I needed to create some additional sources of income for myself.  My books explain exactly how I made this type of lifestyle possible.

I’m not rich by any means, but I definitely do okay for myself.  I used to be a well-paid mechanical engineer, but I was miserable doing that.  I hated the 9 to 5 life!  Therefore I quit my job without having another job lined up…That was the best move I ever made! I knew that the only way that I would ever be truly happy with what I “do for a living” was if my only “job” in life was to focus on becoming a better musician.  That is the life that I wanted, and that is the life that I created for myself.  These books explain all of the details of how I created what most people would consider a “dream life”.

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I also offer a package deal as well…

All Books including a BONUS book for $17

– The Artist and Musician’s Guide to Quitting Your Day Job (85 pages)

– How to Make a Living as a Gigging Musician (64 pages)

– Cultivating Multiple Income Streams as a Solopreneur (97 pages)

– How to Sell Things on eBay and Always Turn a Profit (69 pages)

– How to Create an eBook For Free That you can Sell Online (27 pages)

BONUS BOOK: 51 Freelance Ideas (16 pages)

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