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Life Without a Steady Paycheck

I’ll tell you what….I sure do miss having a steady paycheck given to me every Thursday.  That was nice.

You know what though? I also miss how hot some of my old girlfriends looked naked too.  That was also nice.

What do both of those things have in common? Well, they were both pretty cool, but not having them anymore is certainly not the end of the world.  In fact, while I do sometimes think about how good some of my ex-girlfriends looked naked, I still get to enjoy NEW hot girlfriends which will also one day become hot ex-girlfriends of mine as well.  That’s just how life works.  Cool stuff comes, and cool stuff goes….and that’s kind of the moral of the story in a nutshell here.

It’s the same thing with that steady paycheck…ya, it was nice having that steady paycheck, but now I get to experience lots of other cool things in my life such as sleeping until whenever I want (I can’t even remember what it is like waking up to an alarm clock!), having fun drinking parties with my roommates on random nights of the week, meeting cool new people throughout my days, and not having to listen to some asshole tell me what I have to do all day (aka. a “boss”).

I’m going to visit my good buddy in North Carolina next week.  I’ll probably take a ride down there on Monday, and I’ll come home on either Friday or Saturday.  I wonder if my boss will let me go.  Oh wait, that’s right…I don’t have one of those anymore.  I keep forgetting.

I have to play a gig on the following Saturday night, otherwise I’d probably stay for an extra few days.  However, due to the fact that my obligation to come home involves me simply hanging out in a bar and playing guitar while drinking with my friends makes it not such a big deal that I can’t stay for those extra few days.

In my old life, my obligations were much less appealing.  My annual week-long vacation would end abruptly with me falling into a deep state of depression when I realized that “reality” was quickly approaching.  My previous reality involved me sitting behind a computer desk, passing papers and emails from one persons’ hands to anothers and listening to annoying people all day.  I did all this while being forced to dress and act a certain way.  Even if I was on my best behavior, I still ran the risk of being belittled by my boss if he so felt inclined to give me shit for whatever reasons.  Usually his bad days became my bad days as well.  He actually wasn’t a bad guy.  I liked him.  However, I don’t miss the notion of having him, nor anybody else in this world, considering themselves to be “my boss”.

Yup, life was pretty mundane back then, but I did get that paycheck every Thursday….

Life is much sweeter now.  This whole not having a boss, rules to follow, an alarm clock to wake up to, or any of those other annoying things is pretty amazing.  In order to achieve such a life, all I needed to do was give up that steady paycheck.  It was a difficult trade at first, but I quickly adapted to the new lifestyle.  It wasn’t very hard, and it turned out to be the best trade I have ever made!

Some days I’m a little tight for cash, but who doesn’t have those days?  Other days, all my bills are paid up, and I come across a nice chunk of change.  Those are the days that my friends get to enjoy shots on me!  However, even during the times that I’m a bit tight on cash for whatever reasons (for instance having car problems, 2 weddings and the mortgage payment all falling in the same week being one of the reasons), I still don’t have to get up to an alarm clock, nor do I have to listen to some other human being tell me how I should be dressing and acting.  Again, all I needed to do was give up my reliance of that steady paycheck.

Eliminating the need for that little piece of paper has changed my life in such a postive way.  I think some people sort of hate me because of it.  They like to poke fun at me for the fact that I now get to enjoy doing whatever I want, whenever I want, as if I’m not living up to their expectations as to how they believe I should be living my life.  Oh well.  All I can do is encourage them, through my own actions, to eliminate that same need for themselves.  However, it seems to make them feel better to just take their own frustrations out on others.  ‘Tis life I guess.

Life without a steady paycheck is really exactly the same thing as life with a steady paycheck….Only much cooler.  Try it out sometime and see what I mean.


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