This site is dedicated to helping people find the answer and solution to the age old question: How to escape the “rat race”?
Despite what the name of the website suggests, this site is not only for musicians. It’s for anyone and everyone who is looking to create an unconventional life for themselves that revolves around what they are passionate about. I happen to be passionate about the constant study of music, and I like to play live gigs with my band as often as possible as well. I just never thought that it was ever possible to get by in life, as an adult with bills to pay, with my only actual “job” being to study and play music…

After graduating college as an engineer, I immediately began working full-time. At first, I thought it was pretty cool what I was doing. I was getting paid good money, and I was just beginning what was to be the start of my career. However, after a couple of years went by and I got used to this new routine, I began realizing that I really didn’t like what I was doing for a living.  I liked getting paid, but I just really didn’t enjoy what I was spending my days doing. I figured that no one really likes what they do for a living though, and therefore I would just have to do what everybody else does and just suck it up. I had that mentality for many years actually.

I often found myself browsing around the internet reading other peoples’ stories about how they created unconventional lives for themselves. I read stories about how people became self-employed and spent their lives travelling and making a living from their laptops. I read many other stories about people that took risks and actually chased their dreams. Everything that I read was extremely inspiring. However, I just never thought that it would be possible for me to ever do such a thing.  I had already set off on my path as an engineer, and I felt that I would be making a drastic mistake if I were to ever take the risk and do what I REALLY wanted to do.

Deep down, what I always truly wanted to do was to both become self-employed and to also have a life that revolves primarily around music, but as I said, I felt that it would be a major mistake and way too risky if I were to ever give up what society deems to be “the safe route” and instead chase my own dreams. I therefore let several years pass me by conforming and settling for what I thought I was supposed to be doing with my life.

Fast forward to today…

On May 15th, 2012 I made the concrete decision to finally chase my own personal dream, and I quit my job with no intentions of finding another one.  I am now living a type of life which I never in a million years would have ever thought was possible.  My life now revolves completely around music, focusing on my hobbies, and having no one to answer to.  I’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  I’ve created websites, wrote several books, learned how to play the piano, took my band to the point where we are playing well-paying gigs 3 to 4 times per week, and many other things that I never had time to do before.

I have not once yet regretted the decision that I made. In fact, every single day I feel more and more as if I’m doing exactly what I should be doing with my life. I focus my energy on what what really inspires me, and money is simply just a by-product of that. I still pay all of my bills, including my mortgage. Only, I am now 100% happy with what I do for a living.


As I said, this site is not only for musicians. It’s for artists of all kinds. To get some ideas of just what types of lifestyles are possible, you can take a look at the inspirational stories section. There are all types of people that have done all types of “out of the box” type things with their lives. After reading around this site a bit, I hope you will realize that there is a plethora of options out there aside from the standard “9 to 5” route.

I wrote an extremely detailed book on exactly how I created this lifestyle for myself which you can take a look at:

 3D Cover (hardback)

It’s a free 85-page eBook that I’m giving away. I used to have a mailing list, but that seemed to annoy people. Now, I just give the book away for free with no strings attached!

You could also take a look at some of the articles that I posted in order to begin getting some ideas as to how you may be able to create your own personal dream life. To get you started, here are some articles that you may want to take a look at first:

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Those are just a few of my personal favorites. However, you can see every single article that I have ever written in chronological order by browsing through the archives. It’s kinda like an ongoing story of my life.

As a human being, we all have natural creative abilities. Therefore, we are all capable of creating our own personal dream lives. It’s absolutely possible for anyone to do, you just have to formulate a workable plan and execute it. If you really want to get out of your current situation, you absolutely can do it. Definitely browse around the site a little bit in order to get your creative juices flowing.

I like getting feedback and suggestions as well, so please feel free to contact me about anything!

One of my favorite things that I’m using my newly found free time for is learning the piano. Learning the piano is something that I’ve been wanting to do for many many years now, and now I finally have the free time to do it!

Lastly, I offer free online guitar lessons as well. I prefer to talk about music theory topics more than anything, but I will occasionally do song requests as well. Check out that section too!


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