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The 9 to 5 Alternative

I quit my job back in May of 2012. It wasn’t a bad job, but it entailed sitting at a computer all day every day, doing stuff that I really didn’t want to be doing. So I quit…

Since then I’ve been spending my life just focusing on music. I gig with my band about 3 – 4 nights per week, and during the day I spend my time on fun projects such as this website :).

I wrote a few eBooks that you might find interesting:

The Artist and Musician’s Guide to Quitting Your Day Job


How to Make a Living as a Gigging Musician

I also wrote a few other non-music related ebooks explaining how I’m able to support myself through eBay reselling and setting up passive income streams online here.

Check out some of the articles on this site to get a feel for what I’m all about!


P.S. – The Free Guitar Lessons section of this site is no longer available. However, I have a massive new site with tons of free guitar lessons over at ZombieGuitar.com